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U.S. States by Population 2022 (with CSV export)

When it comes to data about US Sates, the Census Bureau provides excellent, updated data but, it isn’t always in the format you need.

I recently wanted a list of states in the United States ordered by population. There are lots of resources online however, none allowed me to sort or export the data easily.

I went to the US Census Bureau website and transcribed their data for the most recent data they have available as of August 1st, 2022.

colorful people mosaic form a United States map

The following is what the US Census Bureau estimates for the US Population by State for July 1, 2021:

StatePopulation RankPopulation
 New Hampshire411388992
 New Jersey119267130
 New Mexico362115877
 New York419835913
 North Carolina910551162
 North Dakota47774948
 Rhode Island431095610
 South Carolina235190705
 South Dakota46895376
 West Virginia391782959