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Will Gutters Increase Home Value?

While a home is where you and your family can live in, it also has other uses. For example, a beautiful home is a good investment as you can get a lot of money when you sell or rent your home.

It makes sense then, when considering home improvement projects, to focus on the ones that will maximize your homes value.

Most people increase their home value by installing more features in the home as well as making the home as beautiful as possible. What can you add to your home to make it more valuable? Should you install gutters in your home? If so, will gutters increase home value?

Installing gutters can increase the value of your home because of the aesthetics and functionality of gutters. So long as you maintain your gutters, you are sure of your home having a higher value than similar homes without gutters.

Why do gutters increase a home value? How can you maintain your gutters so that you can maintain the high value of your home? Continue reading.

wooden roof boards with plastic gutter

Will Gutters Increase Home Value?

The simple answer is yes. Installing gutters in your home will increase its value just as any new upgrade in the home increases its value.

The more features a house has, the more valuable it becomes. However, some people may argue that gutters have no valuable function to add to a house’s value.

Imagine that you want to buy a house and when you get to the place, you noticed that the home has no gutters (especially homes situated in places that experience a lot of rainfall).

You can negotiate the price of the house because of the absence of gutters by saying that you’d have to install the gutters by yourself (with your money).

As you can see, the absence of gutters might bring down the cost of a house, so you want to install gutters in your home or maintain or increase its value.

Let us discuss some valuable functions of gutters that makes them a great factor to increase the home value.

Some Uses of Gutters (How Gutters Can Increase Home Value)

Here are some uses of gutters in houses:

1. Gutters Increase the House Lifespan

Autumn leaves on shingled roof with rain gutters

Gutters are not just for aesthetic purposes, they help to prevent rust, erosion, corrosion, etc.

Corrosion and rust can occur on the roof while erosion can occur on the ground. Without the proper direction of rainwater, it can destroy your property. Remember that constant rainfall and water flowing on the external walls can rob the painting of the wall.

As you can see, gutters help to maintain the integrity of your home as water (which might deteriorate some parts) is properly managed. Gutters are a must-have, especially for people who live in areas that experience heavy rainfall. Without gutters, your home design and landscaping can quickly deteriorate.

2. They Help with the Aesthetics

Gutters surely boost the appearance of a home and with a proper design, you can change your home appearance from zero to ten.

When you use the best material, color, and other factors in designing your gutters, you will have a very beautiful home.

Also, gutters will help your home to always look cool and calm even when it rains as the water that should be falling through the roof is properly directed through the gutter to a better place. If you want to make your home standout, you should install gutters as part of the home aesthetics even if the area does not witness a lot of rainfall.

3. Easily Catch Rain Water

Rainwater is collected in a basin

You may think that the major use of gutters is to direct rainwater to a preferred place or route. Well, many people use gutters for another (but similar purpose).

Instead of draining the water directed through the gutter, people catch the water and store it in their rain barrels.

With a properly installed gutter, you can catch as much rainwater as you want into the barrel. Rainwater with proper treatment (i.e. if needed) is best for watering your garden flowers and vegetables.

You can also use the rainwater to keep your lawn fresh. Why throw your rainwater away if you can use it? To store rainwater, you need gutters.

4. Easily Catch and Clean Debris

If you live in a busy environment or one with a lot of trees, you will regularly find dead leaves, plastic bags, or other types of litter on your roof.

Where does this debris go? You either clean it off the roof or the wind pushes them to other parts of your home like the lawn.

One extra use of gutters is that they can prevent debris on your roof from falling off into any random part of the ground.

Gutters usually catch debris, so you can easily sweep or clean the debris off them. This means that your cleaning routine can be easier with gutters. Instead of sweeping the entire ground, you focus on one section in your gutter.

5. Can Help To Prevent Ice Damming

Hanging icicles from the roof of a wooden building

If you live in an area that experiences winter and frost, you’d surely know that ice damming is what you must prevent. Well, most traditional gutters do not totally prevent ice damming but recent innovations in gutter-making help to prevent damming of ice on your roof.

Instead of risking your safety by getting hit by falling ice from your roof, why not install quality gutters in your home?

6. Helps Prevent the Next Owner from Spending Extra on Gutters

Well, even though you may not want a gutter in your home, the next owner might want it and the sight of gutters on the house will surely be an extra reason why they should buy the house. They are so common these days that without them a house may seem incomplete.

If, for example, you see a lot of houses in your neighborhood with gutters, you should try to install one in your home as well to meet up the standard.

7. Adds More Features and Functions to Your Home

Corner of the house with new gray metal tile roof and rain gutter

Real estate works with “more features, more value.” So long as the features in your home are quality and last-longing, your home will surely be more valuable. This means that gutters (as well as other features in the home) can help you to get more customers if you ever choose to sell your home.

Now you know many reasons why gutters can increase your home value. Continue reading to know what you can do with your gutters so that you can be sure that the value of your home will go up.

Useful Tips to Increase Home Value with Gutters

Here are some vital gutter tips for you:

1. Install Quality Gutters

The material that you choose to use matters a lot. Make sure that you use quality materials that match the home’s condition. If you want to focus on aesthetics, make use of materials that add aesthetic value. As for the most effective materials especially in homes where rain falls constantly, try to use rust-resistant materials.

Well, the experts will surely guide you.

2. Match Your Gutter to Your Home Design

Cottage attic room, roof and walls

The color and size of your gutter should match that of your home. Do not just install gutters in your home, make sure that they match the home design.

The easiest way to figure out the best gutter color to use is to check the roof. Gutters should be the same color as or try to complement the color of the roof.

Alternatively, if matching the roof isn’t an option, match the trim. The idea is to have the gutters blend into the house.

3. Check For and Remove Debris Regularly

Debris that stays in your gutters for long can build up there and might even clog the gutter while preventing water from flowing easily.

You should check the gutters and remove whatever dirt that you can find. Do so as regularly as needed. If there are deciduous trees around, you will surely clean your root often to remove the falling leaves.

4. Search For and Fix Damages Quickly

Buying quality gutters can prevent damage from your gutters, but accidents can always happen. If find any damage to your gutters (or other parts of your home), fix them quickly.

Do not wait for damage to get worse before you take time to fix it. Fixing issues when you see them ensures that your gutters are able to perform all of the great functions they are designed to do.

5. Remember that Gutters Are Secondary (Concentrate on Primary)

New wooden warm ecological house roof

Well, while trying to increase your home value by installing or fixing your gutters, remember that there are key factors that buyers search for in houses.

You cannot increase the value of a little home with very small kitchens and bathrooms just because it has gutters. Try to beautify the landscape as well as install beautiful furniture in the home. These can boost your home value by far.

Gutters are often a project added by homeowners while currently living in the home to increase your own comfort. When we added them to my house, for example, the one biggest reason was because I was tired of having to walk through a waterfall curtain to get onto my front porch when it was raining.

There are so many ways to increase your home value, so remember not to rely only on gutters.

Final Thoughts

Gutters are important, especially for buildings in places that experience a lot of rainfall yearly. Gutters just like other additions to the home will increase the home value, so you want to add quality gutters to your home to make it stand out, become more beautiful, and add in value.