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Will Moving Companies Move Plastic Bins?

Plastic bins are popular in many households and are sometimes used for storage. They are sturdy and can be stacked easily, unlike moving boxes.

You can store anything from seasonal clothing to your Christmas décor in your plastic bins. The handles on the bins make them easy to lift, and with similar-sized bins, stacking is easy. 

Will moving companies move plastic bins? Yes, moving companies will.

Plastic storage bins offer easy movement. They can be slid or carried readily, making the likelihood of damage lower during the move.

More so, one would not have to tape and label the bins since they are see-through. A quick look and one would know what they contain.

If you are still unsure of what the moving company will move and will not move when the time comes, this article gives you some clarity. Read to the end for the answers you seek.

black plastic boxes

Will They Move Plastic Bins?

As we already mentioned, moving companies will move plastic bins. Since they are so versatile, they can be used for several purposes. You can pack varied items ranging from book collections to clothes. 

Some moving companies also rent out plastic bins as packing supplies because they do not get damaged like cardboard boxes.

Such moving companies will deliver the storage bins to your old home and recover them once the move is complete. It saves you the stress of recycling and breaking down boxes. 

Plastic bins are made from corrugated fiberboard, and this is why they are flexible and durable.

They are also easy to stack when in storage, and you can seal the lid readily. Plastic bins provide extra protection for your items at the same time giving you quick access to them. 

What Will They Move?

Below, we provide a list of some items moving companies will move. However, some of them must be prepared for the move.


Your weedwhacker, chainsaw, lawnmower, and items with oil and gasoline must be drained of all flammable liquids before they are moved. 

Barbeque Grill

Barbeques with propane tanks must be removed before moving. Movers will not carry propane tanks in a moving truck, so either you give it away or move it in your vehicle if the move is local.


Empty your refrigerators before moving day arrives. Unplug, empty, and clean your refrigerators at least 24 hours before your move.

Ensure the coils behind the refrigerator are clean to keep it in good working condition.

Unopened Non-Perishable Food Items

Luckily, movers can move unopened, non-perishable food items like soups, pasta, canned goods, rice, and anything left in your pantry.

But if you decide against packing all that canned food, you can donate it to your local food bank.

donating goods to donation bank


Ensure you dust and clean your furniture and sofa. Movers will not want to breathe in all the accumulated dust or deal with the crumbs in them.

What Won’t They Move?

Here is a list of some of the items moving companies will not move:


If you are preparing to move, it is best to discard any leftovers in your fridge. Movers are unable to keep any perishable food items cool when moving.

If you are not planning to put everything in a large cooler before driving to your new home, then you should pitch them. 

Food items like fresh produce, yogurts, frozen treats, butter, and milk should be discarded before moving day. Any canned food item that is already open can also be discarded.

Scuba Gear

If you own scuba gear, your mover will not move it. You will have to find an alternative means to get your gear to its destination. 

Scuba tanks contain highly pressurized oxygen, and sometimes it could be specialized gas mixtures.

However, because this pressurized air can explode, it makes scuba tanks a danger to people nearby if it not handled or taken care of correctly. 

One such situation where a pressurized scuba tank may explode is when there is a collision. When you place scuba tanks on moving trucks, they will definitely get bumped around.

This makes them a potential source of danger to the truck driver. If you intend to move the scuba tanks yourself, ensure they are totally emptied first.

Family Heirlooms

Depending on the item, you may want to ensure you personally pack and move your family heirlooms to your new home. Besides, some moving companies have policies that bar them from moving sentimental items and valuables.

Such companies typically avoid family heirlooms and similar sentimental belongings due to the risk of damaging or losing them.

When movers are shuffling and placing several boxes on the truck, there is that off chance that something will get damaged.

If your item gets lost, the liability coverage from the movers covers the current market value of the item and not the price actually paid for the item. Also, no amount of money can truly replace their sentimental value.

Some other sentimental or personal items movers will not move include collections, medical records, keys, jewelry, photo albums, important documents, checkbooks, jewelry, CDs, and electronics.

mover checking containers


If you intend to bring your plants along on an interstate move, you should know that your movers will not be allowed to bring in certain plants. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and plant health agencies help regulate the shipment of greenhouse and nursery stock. They ensure the spread of harmful pests, diseases, and insects is minimized. 

Before you start packing your plants for the move, ensure you check with a state plant regulatory official.

If the move is local, it is best to pack and move the plants in your vehicle. Ensure all your potted plants are secured and wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent any damage while driving.


Movers will not take your pets in their moving trucks. You either take your pets along with you in your vehicle, on the plane, or you can choose to hire a dedicated relocation company for pets.

Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

If you are considering packing all your nail polish, do not bother. Moving companies will not transport your nail polish or nail polish remover. 

The reason is that these products are highly flammable under the right conditions. You should not even try to move them yourself; they are not worth the risk, especially for long-distance moves.

Other Hazardous Material

When it is time to load a moving truck, hazardous materials will be excluded. Fortunately, you can dispose of some of these items before your move. 

Some of these hazardous materials include batteries, paints, propane tanks, charcoal, fertilizer, acids, aerosols, pool chemicals, motor oil, and pesticides. Any item that is potentially explosive or highly flammable will not be allowed by moving companies. 

cleaning materials stored in a cabinet

If you are looking to dispose of these items before your move, visit the local drop-off center for hazardous waste in your county. 

Several counties have locations where hazardous chemical-containing items are discarded to ensure these materials are correctly disposed of. 

Do not, for whatever reason, discard hazardous materials in the garbage. It can be harmful to the environment, those picking up the trash, and the entire public.


Moving companies will move your plastic bins provided the bins are cleaned, stacked, and arranged properly. Some moving companies also rent out plastic storage bins to assist you when you move.

Moving companies may not be able to transport all your belongings. So, to make things easy for you and for the company, sort your possessions before the moving day.