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15 Best Places to Live in Colorado for Young Adults

Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. The wide-open spaces, abundant work opportunities, and low living costs make it one of the best states for young adults to reside.

Colorado Spring USA

Colorado has several towns and cities where young adults experience different cultures, adventures, and scenery. So, if you are looking for a place to call home with something unique for your age group, then Colorado is the place for you.

Below are the fifteen best places to live in Colorado for young adults.

15 Best Places to Live in Colorado for Young Adults


Denver, Colorado, USA downtown cityscape

Denver is one of the most popular places to live in Colorado. It is a large city with a long and captivating history. Due to the abundance of activities and opportunities, the city attracts plenty of young adults looking for a place to call home.  

Denver has one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States, making it easy to find a good job. When you are not working, you can visit the metro area and explore the historical buildings and monuments.

The median house price in Denver is around $409,000.


Aerial picture of Boulder City, Colorado, USA

Boulder is a city with a charming community home to about 100,000 people. Although it is smaller than Denver, it has a growing economy, numerous job opportunities, and a lively arts scene that attracts many young adults.

Boulder’s hiking trails and public parks provide enough space for biking, climbing, and hiking.

You can also visit Pearl Street Mall to enjoy the restaurants, shops, and bars. The city also hosts yearly art festivals for art lovers.

Although the cost of living in Boulder is high, it has excellent schools and low crime rates. The median home price is $825,000.

Fort Collins

Top View of Fort Collins Colorado USA

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, young professionals, and several high-tech companies.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of Denver, Fort Collins is more relaxed.

Fort Collins residents enjoy the numerous historical sights, breweries, restaurants, and events. It is also the ideal place for young adults to look for jobs due to the growing economy.

Fort Collins is an excellent choice for young adults due to the low crime rates and low cost of living. It has a median home cost of $445,600.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Downtown City Skyline

Colorado Springs is a large city with over 464,474 residents. Due to its surroundings and location, this city attracts young adults, families, and professionals.

Colorado Springs is ideal for young adults looking for a new career or job opportunity. The Garden of the Gods Park is perfect for hiking and biking if you want to relax and unwind.

Colorado Springs is ideal for young adults due to the low cost of living and affordable housing. The median home price is $325,000


golden colorado usa street

Another incredible place young adults can call home is the small city of Golden. As a former gold rush town, this city has a lot of history for you to experience.

Due to the low cost of living, relaxed nature, and small size, Golden is beginning to attract new residents.

Another benefit of living in Golden is its proximity to the Denver metro and the Rocky Mountains.

Golden offers opportunities for young adults looking to educate themselves or work in the mining industry. There are also several amenities, activities, and restaurants for residents to enjoy.


Westminster Colorado snow mountain background

Westminster is a family-oriented community with around 108,000 residents. It has numerous lakes and wide-open spaces encouraging fishing, boating, biking, etc.

Westminster is a youthful city with a perfect blend of city and suburbs.

The city hosts numerous Bring Your Own Dog events for dog lovers living in Colorado. The year-round events and welcoming neighbors make Westminster one of the best places for young adults to call home.

Despite crime being an issue, Westminster is still a great place to settle down.

Castle Rock

aerial view of castle rock colorado during christmas season

Castle Rock is a vibrant town between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Castle Rock is famous for its breathtaking mountain views, exquisite shopping and dining, and numerous outdoor activities.

Castle Rock is ideal for young adults looking to settle down outside the city. The city also offers affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and year-round events.

Castle Rock is a great place to call home if you commute to the Denver Tech Centre, Lakewood, or Littleton. 


aerial view of Parker colorado USA

Parker is another excellent place for young adults to live in Colorado. It is located in Douglas County and is half an hour from downtown Denver.

Parker offers residents with bachelor’s degrees numerous job opportunities. There are plenty of schools that will provide ample educational opportunities as well.

Residents can go nature walking, biking, or hiking at the Cherry Creek Trail. You can also spend time at the Parker Recreation Center or Rueter-Hess Reservoir.

Another reason why young adults will find Parker attractive is the low violent crime rate and low cost of living.


Those looking for a strong community for young adults will love living in Thornton.

Thornton is the closest city to Denver International Airport.

With over 122,000 residents, Thornton is the ideal place for young adults seeking job opportunities.

Thornton has a growing suburb that offers numerous recreation centers and parks. Housing here is affordable, and the neighborhoods are safe. It is also one of the best places for young adults looking to settle down and raise a family.


downtown pueblo colorado during summer

Young adults looking for an affordable place to live will find Pueblo attractive.

The cost of living in this city is low with affordable housing. Pueblo has a median home price of $214,900.

Residents will also enjoy the beautiful weather, numerous recreational activities, and amenities.


aerial view of aurora colorado night time

Aurora was once deemed unsafe but is becoming one of the top places in Colorado to reside. Located on the eastern side of Denver, this fast-growing suburb is perfect for young adults.

Aurora attracts new residents with its numerous parks and outdoor recreational spaces.

Residents also get to choose from an abundance of safe and beautiful neighborhoods. It is also home to a thriving Korean community.

Aurora is an affordable place to live for young adults. It has a median home cost of $350,000.


Fountain is a small town south of Colorado Springs with around 30,000 residents.

It is a youthful community with many residents aged between 20 and 34, making it ideal for young adults. You can also enjoy the beautiful mountain views, trails, and parks.

The crime rate in Fountain is below average. Housing is also affordable, with a median housing price of around $300,000.


aerial view of lakewood colorado residential neighborhood

Lakewood is another beautiful city in Colorado for young adults to call home.

Lakewood is a short drive to the Rocky Mountains and Denver. It is the perfect place for those looking to escape from the city. Numerous indoor and outdoor adventures are available for residents to enjoy.

Lakewood is home to Bear Creek Lake Park. Here you can go hiking or camping in the wide-open spaces and take a dip in the lake.

Lakewood is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere. You can visit the Belmar Downtown Shopping District for shopping and fine dining. You can also check out the music, galleries, and live entertainment.


Erie is an attractive town an hour away from Denver. With a population of 27,952, this vibrant town ensures there is something suitable for all its residents.

Erie is ideal for residents of any age, including young adults.

Numerous activities and programs are available to residents at the Erie Community Center to develop your body and spirit.

You can also participate in visual and performing art programs at the Art Center of Erie.

The low crime rate and numerous opportunities make Erie ideal for young adults. It has a median home price of $514,000.


springtime morning louisville colorado neighborhood

Louisville is a suburb that provides residents with all the benefits of the big city in a small and safe setting.

With a population of 19,342, Louisville offers residents good education and employment opportunities. It is one of the best places for young adults looking to settle down.

There are numerous parks and entertainment for you to enjoy in Louisville.

Due to the low unemployment and crime rates, it is one of the safest places for young adults. The median home cost is $645,000.